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The authors of this book go the extra mile by sharing specifics and including resources for a bag swap. A swap allows a group of moms to save time while receiving several activity bags at once. Each mom makes several of one bag and then swaps with the other group members. This allows you to purchase and prepare for ONE activity while receiving the number of bags as moms who participate. If 20 moms participate in your swap, you'll end up with 20 different activity bags. The details included in the swap directions make it virtually foolproof. The authors cover everything from setting dates to the follow-up meeting and include a participation form listing who will provide which activity and a sample cover letter for participants. ~ ~Product Review By: Dena Wood, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC

After becoming pregnant with my third child on some days I would put the kids in front of the TV while I took my daily nap. Now when it is time for my nap the kids are asking, "Hey Mom, can we do our Preschool Activities instead of watching TV?" What a blessing the activities have been for me. Thank you so much for creating this much-needed book! ~ Carol V.

My 12-year-old daughter put the Preschool Activities into a handy carry along tub to take with her on her baby-sitting jobs. When she shows up to baby-sit, both the parents and kids she's baby-sitting for are especially happy to see her! The kids can't wait to get some of the activities out of the tub, and it makes the parent to baby-sitter transition so much easier. The parents are so impressed and pleased with the activities, knowing that while they're away their children will not only be entertained, but also learning while they play. These activities have helped my daughter go from being a "good" baby-sitter, to becoming a "great" baby-sitter! ~ Mia G

I am so grateful for "Activities in a Bag" because it helps me give my kids activities that they enjoy and learn from, especially because I greatly lack creativity - this is a great help! Thanks ~ Norma B.

It's amazing how for so little money and time our preschool resources multiply and have such broad skill sets . ~ Tina S.

The Preschool Activity I got was great! It was inexpensive to make, educational, fun and easy for my 3-year-old to do alone. I am very excited to see the other 19 bags. So is my son! Thank you both. ~ Shelby M.


You might be asking yourself, What are Preschool Activities in a Bag? Good question! Quite simply, they are self-guided activities that a preschooler can do by himself with little to no help. He can see immediately if the activity was done correctly, and each activity is contained in a one-gallon zipper bag. When we were developing and testing these activities, our goal was to keep the cost at about $1 per activity bag. Some may cost a little less and some may cost a little more.

These activities are fun for the child to do and they teach a valuable skill at the same time. Children gain confidence as they learn new skills, so they are much better prepared for school. But please, do not think that preschoolers are the only ones that enjoy these activities. Many of our test moms reported that their older children also enjoyed many of the activities. Each activity has been assembled by a test mom and tested by at least 25 preschoolers. We are happy to say that we have heard many moms and preschoolers raving about the activities. In fact, our favorite question from our own preschoolers is, "Mom, can I please do another activity?”

In addition, this book includes detailed instructions, complete with record keeping forms and letter masters, to run an Activity Bag Swap. For this, you gather a group of, say 15, Moms. Each makes 15 of one activity bag of their choice. They then trade so that each Mon has 15 different bags. Truly a great idea! This book is laminated and coil bound.

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** Plan a swap soon !

There are many great activities in this book, and most are quite easy to make. I chose to do this on my own, so it took some timeto put it all together. I like their ideas for working with others to make the bags, but it would take more time to organize than I had. I'm excited that my 2 and 4 year olds will have several different educational activities that they can do on their own as I school my 3 older children. ~ Currclick review.