What is a swap?

In our books, we refer to having a swap.  Some people ask us, "What exactly is a swap?". Well, the article below may help you to understand better what a swap is. 

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What is an Activity Bag Swap???

All of our books contain detailed instructions for assembling fun and educational activities that fit in a gallon-size zipper bag or for Travel Activities, in a binder. These activities and games are fun and affordable to assemble. Each activity or game was written with a lot of flexibility in mind allowing different supplies to be used based on your needs and the supplies you may already have on hand.

So, you may be wondering what is the best method for assembling all the fun activities contained in our books. Very simply, a swap! Doing a swap is loads of fun and very affordable. It also allows for some good interaction and fellowship with all the swappers. You will find detailed instructions in the Coordinator Handbook , along with forms and charts to help you coordinate a successful swap. Not everone participates in a swap. Some people just buy the book and assemble the activities or games on their own. Doing a swap is just one way to get a lot of activities or games for half the work - and cost sometimes! And participating in a swap is a great way to meet people who have children your age. When we held our first swap with Preschool Activities in a Bag, we had 25 swappers! Most of them did not know each other, but after we met to swap our activities, play groups were started, coffee dates were planned and even a homeschool group started! Moms now a days are so isolated. Participating in a swap is one way we can bring people back together - like it used to be in years gone by.

If you are considering participating in a swap or wanting to coordinate one - Imagine this… you have one of our books in your hands and you are so excited to assemble all the neat activities for your child. You could go through and assemble the activities that you want for your own child, but you also have a few friends who also have kids and they also want activities to keep their children busy and learning. So, you all decide to get together and do a swap. If you are the coordinator, you get to have the most fun! You get to recruit all your friends, neighbors, sisters, and gals at church who have children to participate in your swap. In our experience, twenty swappers is ideal. So, if you can recruit 19 more swappers, that is great, but if not you can work with what you have. Some swap coordinators have their swappers double up and do 2 sets of insturctions verses one.  This way, you need half the amount of swappers. Finding people to participate will not be difficult, some coordinators have to start waiting lists because so many want to participate.

Now that you have all your swappers, you get to decide which activities you actually want assembled. Assign each swapper 1 activity. She will then assemble her activity 20 times (or however many times to equal how many moms are participating). For example, if you only have a total of 15 swappers (including yourself), each swapper will assemble her activity 15 times. If you have a very small group, you might consider assigning each swapper 2 activities to assemble. Most importantly, you can do what works for you.  Allow approximately 3 weeks for the activities to be assembled and set your swap date.

After all the activities are assembled, you have the opportunity to get everyone together for some good fellowship! All your swappers will bring all the activities that they have assembled and you all get to swap. Each swapper will go home with 1 of each of the activities that was assembled. Oh, it's almost as much fun as Christmas getting to see all the fun, new activities your children will get!!

Now that you have an established group of swappers, you can coordinate a swap for another Activity Bag book. There are a lot of titles to choose from - so get started on another swap today! Have fun and send us some photos!!!!!  :)